Lane Avenue Baptist Church

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Facilitated by Carol Hinesley and Ginette Ritter

The Gleaners class picks through the “Gems” in the Bible to have in depth discussions on verses we may have overlooked in the past. our Topics change every few weeks once we feel we have a good grasp of the concepts based upon class conversation and the understanding of the biblical principles involved.

Some of our Past Subjects include:
Leadership and Unity in the Bible.
Things we should have learned but may have overlooked.
Mysteries of the Bible.
Gruesome Deaths in the Bible/What a way to go.

And Current Burning Questions, such as:
Who wrote the Bible?
What is purgatory?
Why do Bad things happen to Good people?
Do Babies Go to Heaven? And what about people who don’t know
of God at all?
How did Jesus deal with Racism?
Are there Dinosaurs in the Bible?
This is just to name a few.

Our class is held in the Sanctuary from 10:00 to 10:45 every Sunday morning.
We welcome all ages and point of views to help expand and learn from our discussions.