Lane Avenue Baptist Church
War Room

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 Facilitated by: Jeff McMullin

Our class is a multi-age Sunday School class of men and women who study the scriptures of the Word of God to grow in our understanding and knowledge of God. We have biblical discussions of scripture and compare how they’re still relevant in our lives in the world today. It’s a comfortable atmosphere discussing our lives in relation to God’s Will. Hardships and storms of life are often shared where one can find prayer and support.

In 2015, the movie War Room came out where a family seemed to have it all, great jobs, a dream house, and a beautiful daughter, but appearances are often deceiving. The husband faced temptation and the marriage wasn’t going so well. When the wife met an elderly lady, who had a prayer room called the War Room, her life started to change as she discovered the power of prayer and grew in her walk with the Lord.
After watching the movie, our class decided to make a War Room, a place for prayer, as well as a place for Sunday School. Half of our room was changed to black boards to post prayer requests. We pray for each other, as well as others outside of our church, including some that don’t even know that we’re praying for them.

Some first-time visitors have become part of our class. All are welcome!